Three Tips for Having Pets on the Go

Being able to take your beloved pooch or other fur friend with you on holiday can be loads of fun, but you need to keep comfort and convenience in mind when you take your pets on the go.With these three key tips, your holiday will be enjoyable for your pet as well as you.Check out a good mobile app for additional tips on having pets on the go, where you can find the closest dog exercise area, pet-friendly parks, off-leash beaches and more — all from the comfort of your passenger seat.The first consideration for your pet on the go should be a sturdy kennel or crate that they’re already familiar with. It should be constructed of hard plastic or metal, and should have a door that locks securely.This is especially important for cats, which are more comfortable in confined areas and tend to roam around moving vehicles if they’re not contained.When you have pets on the go, you should use a kennel with lots of openings on the sides, and enough room to fit their usual bed inside. This will allow fresh air and familiar smells to reach your pet at all times and keep them at ease.When you take your pet in the car, you should have their kennel in the back seat, preferably strapped in to a seatbelt fitting. Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle for any amount of time.Even with the windows down, your car can get extremely hot in a very short amount of time, and the heat can make your pet sick or worse, in a matter of minutes.The second tip for traveling with pets is to consider your pet’s food and water supply.Your pet is used to eating only one type of food, and when you take your pet with you on holiday, you need to make sure you have enough food to last the entire trip.Abrupt diet changes may make your pet ill, and increase the chance of holiday-ruining accidents.Bring at least one litre of fresh water from home for the initial trip on holidays. And if you’re going to an area that doesn’t have access to clean water supplies, like campgrounds, remember to pack an extra litre for each day you’re going to be away (the same goes for every human holiday-maker, too!).The third tip for taking your pet on holidays is to bring something from home to make them feel more comfortable.Pets may act out in strange surroundings, but having something they are familiar with can help. Bring a pet’s favorite toy and pillow or blanket along; these smell familiar to your pet, and will give them a sense of comfort while they are in a strange place.When you bring your pet into the new place, give them their favorite toy and show them where their pillow is, so they know they have a place they can return to that is theirs. It is important for pets to be able to recognize an area as their own.These three golden rules are sure to make having your pets on the go fun for everyone. Which is the whole idea, after all!